The Circle Takes The Square Archive

Update: 08/14/13

I've updated the banner to reflect the current logo the band's using, and I've also added in pages for the tour edition of the album! check it out here!

Update: 08/04/13

Back home for the weekend after seeing CTTS play their UK dates, tour pages for 2013 should be all up now, including setlists where I know them, feel free to email me any I'm missing! ( Lots of new things to be added when I'm back properly next weekend. Tour version of Decompositions Volume 1, new shirts, new sparkly hoodie!

Also! I know the menu bar at the top is a bit of a pain with touch screen devices, so to aid getting around I've made 'overview' pages, clicking on the titles of the menu's will take you to pages with easy links to the subpages if needed! It's not too pretty at the moment but it gets the job done. There is a chance that in doing all that I've broken some links.
As always, if anyone spots anything please let me know!


Update: 05/11/13

Finally! A new update. I've added in the physical copies of Decompositions Volume 1! If there are any broken links I'm sorry! I've tried to keep track of everything but I might have missed some. I'm hoping to update the pictures of the insert that comes with the LP to better versions sometime soon. Few things still to add in the near future, mostly just new merch

Update: 12/27/12

Decompositions Volume 1 is out! Download it now from the bandcamp page!
I've added a bit about it for now, I'll try and add more later!

Update: 03/15/12

Thanks to Kathy I've just added a load of tour fliers and posters!

Update: 03/10/12

Things are coming together nicely! I've just finished adding in a load of merch pictures sent to me by Kathy, including some cool shirts I'd not seen before! Also added in the tour information section covering dates and extra information where possible, including some setlists and gig posters! I've also added in lyrics pages for the tracks, clickable from the tracklising in the discography pages!

Welcome! I've designed this site to be a repository for information about Circle Takes the Square.
Things are very much still in construction, so if some links don't work or things look a little bizzare please just bear with me, I'm getting there slowly!

I first heard the band around 2003 when a friend loaned me a copy of As the Roots Undo, they quickly became one of my favourite bands and I wanted to hear more. I'm not sure at exactly what point the "completest" in me took over but I remember since ordering both the white and black vinyl copies of the album from Hyperrealist I've been slowly trying to complete my collection of all pressings and variations of their releases.

It's taken about 8 years but I'm very close to being complete at this point and this site lists all the releases and information about them, most pictures come from me, everything else (unless credited to someone else) comes from Kathy (Stubelek) who's always been super helpful at filling in any missing information or with providing pictures of hard to find things (test pressings & early demos!).

I hope you find this site useful, thanks for looking!
Also, if you know of any release's I haven't got listed, or can help me with anything I'm missing (list in on the contacts page!) then please get in contact and let me know, I'd love to hear about them!